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Royally Roasted Coffee. Always fresh!


Single Origin Best Seller

Amalia 12 ounce bag of single origin roasted coffee

12oz Bag - $18.99


Best Seller Coffee Blend

Centinela 12 ounce bag of roasted coffee blend

12oz Bag - $19.99

Parallel Lines

Roasted Coffee Beans to Perfection

Give yourself a break and taste carefully selected beans from all across the globe, blended and roasted to perfection. 

Whole Beans or Ground Coffee

We've got you covered whether you prefer ground or whole beans. Please choose how you want to get your coffee from each product before adding it to your cart. Choosing whole or ground beans will not incur any additional costs.
Manual coffee grinder

Espresso or Moka

Try the Centinela mix if you feel like brewing a cappuccino or espresso. This specific blend was created just for this kind of coffee ritual.
Drip Coffee for amazing flavor

the Crown says:


What is

Pardiez crown is symbol of premium roasted coffee for sale online

Pardiez is a Spanish word used as an interjection expressing surprise. Very similar to the expression in English, My God! sometimes also translated as Good Heavens!

interj (expression of surprise)

Good Heavens!

[Pardiez is royally roasted coffee that tastes like good heavens!]

What's in the cup?

The whole coffee selection at Pardiez originates from carefully inspected small farms throughout the globe. Small farmers are able to provide the bean with more specialized care and have greater control over the growing environment, leading to a higher-quality product that manifests as enduring tastes and smells in your coffee cup.
Nothing like drinking a cup of coffee full of flavor and aroma

Free Shipping above $50! 

In addition to obtaining delicious coffee, if your order totals $50 or more, delivery is on us! All of our items are dispatched with tracking by First Class Mail or UPS Ground. Offer valid only in 48 contiguous states.
All of our coffee is shipped free when you buy three or more bags of 12 ounce roasted coffee
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