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Coffee Consumption in the United States Rises Among Millennials.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

According to a survey conducted by NCA, 36% of Americans drink coffee every day. And millennials are more health conscious than previous generations, with 79% of American adults preparing their own coffee at home. Approximately half of these people choose a medium roast, while the other half opt for a dark roast. In terms of coffee types, about three-fourths of Americans prefer a medium roast.

A woman drinking great roast coffee from Pardiez

The study found that while traditional coffee consumption has been declining, younger Americans are drinking more nitro coffee, cold brew coffee, and espresso. The percentage of coffee drinkers over 40 is double that of millennials. And younger generations are more likely to order an espresso-based beverage. In terms of age, Americans who are under thirty years old drink more coffee than those aged 18-24. Gen Zers are also more likely to order an espresso-based drink than older generations, and they tend to order more traditional versions than decaf.

The rise in coffee consumption is largely due to a change in lifestyle. While previous reports suggested a decline in coffee consumption, the latest report suggests a significant rebound. Nearly six in ten people polled drank coffee within the past 24 hours, a trend that has remained constant over the past decade. The decline in coffee consumption is primarily attributed to the increasing availability of carbonated soft drinks, including colas and sodas.

The NCA's National Coffee Drinking Trends study series has tracked consumption trends in the U.S. for over 70 years. It is the longest available statistical series of consumption patterns in the U.S. for coffee. This study involved a nationally representative sample of 2,840 individuals aged 18 and older. This study is a vital part of NCA's research, as it provides important insight into the changing preferences of Americans in coffee.

A group of people cheering over coffee

Millennials are the most likely to drink coffee. They spend more money than any other generation on specialty coffee, which is why they spend more money. And they prefer coffee with a complex taste, and they are more likely to drink it outside the home than any other generation. In addition, millennials have become the largest consumers of coffee. Unlike their parents, millennials are now spending more time with their phones and on social media.

Millennials are the most likely to drink coffee, and the per capita consumption of coffee in the US increased by 78 percent between 1950 and 2000. The rise in coffee consumption was fueled by innovations in coffee production and packaging. For example, the use of single-serving cups has increased by 80%. These statistics are encouraging for the coffee industry. In fact, more than half of all coffee drinkers will be satisfied with their purchase of specialty beverages.


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