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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pardiez mean? 
Pardiez comes from the Spanish saying Par Diez! (by God!). It is closely related to the English saying My God! Which can be used to translate a state of awe into a situation. For example, if your coffee is amazingly good, you could say, "My God!, this coffee is spectacular! 

Where do you roast your coffee?
We roast at a partner facility in New York.
How do you select your coffee? 
Our coffee beans are brought exclusively from small farms in Latin America and across the globe. By working with small farms we are able to develop strong relationships that support a consistent supply of coffee beans with vetted characteristics. 

Once I place my order, when can I expect my coffee to arrive?
It takes 3-4 business days to roast your order and ship. Average shipping takes between 4-5 business days, so you are looking at a range between 7-9 business days from the date of order to delivery to your address. 
Do you offer Free Shipping? 
If your order totals $50 in coffee, then shipping is free. Take note we ship UPS Ground or USPS First Class Mail. Both services include tracking number services for added convenience. 
Can I return the coffee I ordered? 
We would appreciate the opportunity of sorting out a solution that fulfills your expectations. But we understand there are some cases where customers just want their order returned. We handle each return on a case-by-case basis, so give us a call or fill out the contact form. Returns are only accepted on whole bean orders. Do not return your order without a Return Authorization Number.

Do you offer coffee subscriptions? 
Coffee subscriptions coming soon. Stay tuned!

Do you offer anything else than coffee? 
We are currently focused on offering amazing coffee. 

I really like your brand. Can I buy merchandise from you? 
Pardiez merch coming soon! 

I would like to leave a review on a coffee product that I bought from you. How can I do that? 
Please refer to our Facebook Page by clicking on this link to leave your review while we develop our product review section here. We appreciate your honest feedback. And if we can improve, please let us know.  

Do you offer any coupons, sales, or discounts? 
We have coupons available for Veterans. We may offer sales at some point. The best way to be aware of our promotions is to subscribe to our newsletter which you can do by clicking on the page footer below.


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