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Wholesale bag of coffe beans brought from quality farms

Our Coffee

Our coffee is brought from vetted small farmers in Latin America and other parts of the globe with generations of expertise in growing top-quality green coffee.


Each green lot is inspected for quality control and each lot sample is Ikawa roasted and cupped before being further processed for our blends and single-origin products.


We stick to the attributes that really grasp your breath on that first sip. We look for clean, sweet, present coffee with a depth of flavor, unique and approachable. 

Picture of one of the coffee farms where we bring our great coffee to be roasted at our facility

From the best coffee farms, to your cup.

Perfect Roast

​The taste of coffee varies by region, but the quality of coffee beans largely depends on how they are roasted. Roasting is the process of drying and curing raw green coffee beans in an oven or other type of roaster.

Every roaster has its own recipe for roasting time, temperature, and airflow. The type of roast can change the flavor profile in different ways. For instance, a dark roast will bring out more bitterness and a light roast will highlight fruity notes in the coffee.


Our secret roasting recipes for each carefully concocted blend will make sure to bring out the flavors and aromas of coffee like no other.

Professional coffee roaster machine where we roast coffee beans that simply melts your senses when brewed into a cup

Roasted in NY

All of our coffee blends and single-origin coffee beans are guaranteed to be freshly roasted from our partner roaster in Port Chester, New York, and shipped quickly so you can just simply enjoy your great coffee and keep collecting memorable moments.

Every order is roasted within 3 to 4 business days after the order is placed and shipped through First Class mail USPS or UPS with tracking code. Once shipped, every order takes approximately 4-5 business days to arrive. 


Royally roasted to perfection. 

Behind Pardiez

We are a tiny crew with a big heart that is passionate about providing excellent coffee and establishing deep ties between people and the world's greatest beans.

We really hope you will sample some of our great coffee and allow us to captivate your senses. To assure outstanding freshness delivered to your door, we handle all of our coffee in super small batches and ship it out quickly.


We are only an email away; please contact us at

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